About (Charlie) Deathtime

Deathtime is the studio name for Charlie Deathtime's band, as well as the name of the band that would perform songs while on tour. Yet there have been none live performances, but rumours are telling that it might be a possibility in future. It is a death metal band, where only official member, executive producer and song writer is Charlie Deathime himself. He has always been solely responsible for the musical direction of the band.

Deathtime is formed in late winter circa 2010, and have so far released two full-length studio albums, two EP's, and two singles. Lyrics are mainly about the traditional death metal themes, like gore, violence, yet also some existentialistic anxiety and revengeful frustration. Again, Charlie have noted that lyrical themes will move on in future, and that Deathtime will be true to its death metal roots it will still evolve musically as well.