torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

Solstice Fire Brand

At first it did seem like there would be a hot streak of releases this year, since the year was opened up by the cover compilation called Covered In Blood - a reckless cover album where Deathtime slaughters some know and some more unknown classics, in its own executioner style.

Then there was also a writing process that took place from winter to summer, and not to forget to mention the photoshoot session which also took place.

Now, talking about the new material, it seems quite clear that the joke about 21.12.2012 deadline may become reality since the first single of the second Deathtime album is not going to be released this year.

The good news are, that the material is great, even better than the demos may have promised, and the music is ready for the single (except the vocals and lyrics, also the cover song needs a bit more adjustment).

The bad news comes from the technical side of the story. The mixing process simply hasn't been working like it should, so we either need to consider releasing this single the way it is, or keep on trying to mix it. It's been Home Studio's creative principal to eventually to move on - while always remaining loyal to your roots while still try something new - so this principal will eventually prevail. But this (technical) part have been extremely frustrating and exhausting, so this little christmas break sure is needed!

And at the same time, some new studio software will be installed, so that will take it's time to start to kick in too, but it should produce even better end result for your catharsis, thru better music that Deathtime brings to you.

But, since we didn't get the single release out for this season, there is still something you may consider as a christmas treat, yet not exactly as your usual christmas stuff.

Here we go... Deathtime: I Wanna Be Your Dog [Iggy Pop and the Stooges Cover] 

Merry Christmas!

PS. Hopefully the next post will be about this stubborn single release, or otherwise Charlie may go through a severe mental break down. If that happens, he is probably going to continue his musical career by playing imaginary instruments, in a mullet, at public places, until officers come and take him away (and perhaps cloth him too).

perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

The Unexpected Resurrection of the Plan A!

After a day of more or less (im)patient research and testing, Charlie finally got the new Home Studio technology WORKING!


It means that Deathtime has finally entered the new level and started (re-)recording the new material with this brand spanking new technology!

After a few days in the studio, trying different amps, sounds, etc. Charlie finally found this new killer sound.

Now, get this, the usual Deathtime sound, now boosted up with this amplifier that is tuned into such modes as: "vintage", "red", including the whole new switch such as "presence".

The end result is a massive, heavy sound, that is not only warm and fuzzy, like a black bear, tearing your helpless body into pieces, but it also has combined the earlier Deathtime debut album era deep 'n' dark guitar sound, with the Obliteration & Covered In Blood era brutality 'n' heavy sound (but without that traditional lo-fi sound quality)!

Can death metal get any more kick ass than that?

No, dear Watson, it simply can't!

So the Wrap Up Sessions has begun now, and the first single that is being recored is the song called:  

Prayer of Death 
It is planned that the final product includes two B-sides: Prayer of Death (demo) and maybe one yet-to-be-secret- cover-song from the earlier sessions (never released before!)

maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2011

Death Metal Isn't Dead - It's a Living Dead!

Ok, it is time for a little news feed to see what is going on....and happy Halloween by the way, or like many would say happy hung-over-ween. Thank you.

Now, if the installment of the new accessories and audio equipment don't work out as they should, we have to use the plan B (from the outer space).

This means that even the earlier lo-fi-technology production is now past, yet this will be done with the old equipment (used to record the lo-fi material) so it's still be more raw than planned yet rigged into its finest. Also the sound will be more organic, when in the plan A it would be more "clean".

Now that's a suprising turn!

So the idea is to record 3 single songs and release them, then move to the remaining songs. Some of them shall be re-arranged, some of them will be more closer to the original demo recordings.

Here's the latest, up-to-date, track listing. Like the sharpest pencils in the drawer may notice, there's a one new song "Gorestorm" which have replaced the song called "Red Room, White Wrath, Black Heart" which just wasn't ready enough, unlike this nasty piece which is a traditional Deathtime song and an excellent opener to the album! 
  1. Gorestorm
  2. High On Hate
  3. Infanticide
  4. Prayer Of Death
  5. Reptiles
  6. Killing Time
  7. Victory Song
  8. Her Soul
  9. CC Rider (Cover)
  10. Noir

PS. Hope you have checked out the new infoline we up there? There is still some content more to come, but you can already read about time line and discography and Deathtime's (hi)story! ...More updates later on, so once again: stay tuned!

PPS. And not to forget this little treat for you all deathtimers, since it is the All Hallow's Eve tonight.. Deathtime has entered the world of Youtube, and here's the first song ever posted there:

Watch now Deathtime: Hate Supremacy

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011

TOP 3 Deathtime Countries

So like it was announced in this post, Deathtime is currently working on some new material.

The writing process started in the winter, and Charlie turned them into demos in the summer.

As this forthcoming autumn is attacking on us with all its beauty, it's going be traditionally a very good time to finish the material.

But when it is going tobe ready for release is a whole different story; let it be matured in those fine old oak caskets, to be ready, rotten and violent like a new born zombie!

While waiting, Charlie thought it would be interesting - dolce et utile - to check out the TOP 3 Deathtime countries!

According to the statistics, they are:
  1. Finland 
  2. USA 
  3. Russia
Trying to dig herself up from the backyard grave: 4. Germany (it was a tie with Russia for a long time).
    Kiitos - Thank you - спасибо


    Deathtime, while cleaning up some archieves of Home Studio, finally finished a song that's been in laying around for some time now.

    It's an older song, that originates all the way to the Obliteration (/& Covered In Blood) sessions.

    It is called: I Shalt Not Suffer Thou. 

    It has a number of special features. They shall mostly remain as a secret, but let's say this: it has two guitars + killer solo! Which is pretty unusual for Deathtime, but definetly worth checking out!

    So no doubt it's going to be a very interesting, yet surprising song!

    Since it's not going to be released as a new material, but instead its going be released as a streaming song on this site! And maybe later on, it'll be included as a bonus material with some newer material. Now, how about that my fellow sick bastards?!

    Nice treat while waiting, eh?

    So stay tuned for updates, they will blow you (I said blow you *giggles*) out of the water. Thank you!

    PPS. And you may be asking, that why doesn't Deathtime share its music on Myspace? Because it sucks %#"!. That's why.

    perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

    Building The Monster...

    In the dark corridors of the Home Studio headquarters, are brutal yet aesthetic sounds echoing from the recording chambers
    Deathtime has finished the second album's writing 'n' demo sessions. 

    This time the recording, song writing and overall creation method's been rather different, since Charlie wanted to try something new - while growing and evolving as an artist.

    Usually Deathtime's been recording its production in specific recording sessions, but this time it has been writing material without any particular separate sessions. the Free Flow method - if you will. Resulting a nice number of songs, which been written and turned into demos. Which according to Charlie, they're more or less like the end result should be, but they do serve mainly as a great sonic memos - they are great way to use that old "damn I should have done that differently"-thing as an advance.

    It will take time until the final wrap-up-sessions may begin since there are still some serious adjusting of new studio equipment and lots of work with the material, and Mr. Deathtime wants to refill his tanks of creativity.

    And some of the material are still to be written, so perhaps some demo songs will be replaced with the wrap up session songs!

    So, here's some pics and the track list.

    NOTE: Titles with + are included on the demo album.

    • Victory Song +
    • Prayer of Death +
    • Reptiles +
    • NOiR +
    • Infanticide + 
    • Dry Whiskey & Wet Women
    • Her Soul +
    • Killing Time +
    • AcoustiChaos
    • the Dark Night Of the Soul 
    • White Wrath, Black Heart, Red Room +
    • the Accursed Place Of Fragrance
    • High On Hate (Stoned to Death) +
    • the Sun House
    • CC Rider + [trad.cover]

    Couple lines about the songs.

    Victory Song was originally about Finnish hockey team's massive victory over Sweden, but since the production and writing been taking so long, the song is not going to be anymore that "hockey song" (actually at first it was not about hockey, but then it got morphed, like it did again).

    And yes, that cover song called CC Rider is what you think it is. It took some time to figure a good way to cover this traditional song in Deathtime style. This version have some influences from The Monkees and Ray Charles version, especially Ray Charles's "murder blues" made an impact that fits to style.

    Noir is the most different song of all. It is a pure doom metal song, (the first appearance of a doom metal song was on Covered In Blood, a song called Stagger Lee). There will be some strings, choirs, etc. and the lyrics aren't that traditional, death metal's screaming gore stuff on this one either.  - Actually some of the songs doesn't have such lyrical theme anymore (while others have).

    And there are number of songs that could not be included to the album, not because they weren't good enough, but because they were rather different and kicking ass like it was going out of style. So that is why they propably won't be included as bonuneses (B-sides etc), but shall be used later on.

    But let's get back to the album. This isn't a theme album, like the debut album was. Yet there are songs that have something old, while some have something more evolved and new influence.

    There have been some pre-listeners again, and they have given highly optimistic remarks about this material - some have said that it is easier to "get" since it is little slower, some have given a nice credit about new (different) stuff that how promising and in one word great it is! 

    PS. And also in future there will be some changes on this site too. Stay tuned, and visit as frequent as possible!

    PPS. There will be some singles taken from the forthcoming album, so stay tuned since you will get them from this site!

    keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2011

    The First Deathtime Album!



    Excatly a year ago, on this date, Deathtime released its first full-lenght album.

    So, for the sake of this 1. year anniversary celebration year, I'll bring the album with its original linear notes on the site.

    News flash: the new download location is now Mediafire, instead of that creedy and hard to use Rapidshare. So, now when you download the files for free, it is isn't even needlesly complicated.

    And I have also gently restorated this album package. I haven't done anything to the music, but I have fixed the cover booklet a little bit (yet I have saved the season's style).

    I have altered the following text a little bit, like chaging the pic to the album's cover and I have removed the section about bonus track aka. "Guts" which can be heard on Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition).

    Tasan vuosi sitten, tällä päivämäärällä, Deathtime julkaisi ensimmäisen täysimittaisen albuminsa.

    Siispä, tämän 1. vuotisjuhlavuoden kunniaksi tuon tämän albumin nyt saatteineen tämänkin saitin yhteyteen.

    Uutuutena on se, että latauspaikkana on nyt Mediafire, sen entisen ahneen ja vaikeakäyttöisen Rapidsharen asemesta! Siispä tiedostojen ilmaista lataamista ei olla nyt tehty tarpeettoman hankalaksi, eikä päinvastoin.

    Lisäksi olen hyvin hellävaroen restauroinut tätä albumipakettia, en ole koskenut musiikkiin, mutta olen hieman
    korjaillut kansien sisältöä, säilyttäen silti tuon aikakauden tyylisuunnan.

    Olen muuttanut hieman tätä käsillä olevaa tekstiä, lähinnä siten että olen vaihtanut kuvan albumin kanteen ja poistanut bonusraidan eli "Gutsia" käsittelevän kohdan. Nimenomainen kappale löytyy Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition):ilta.


    Here's the album itself:

    It may look like that this album is all about, hate, anguish, misogyny, insanity and revenge.Well those might just be true to certain extend since basis of this album was to be aggressive and brutal in every aspect, but there are more to that. I do think that hate itself it is not that bad thing, yet you may apply rules of medicine to it: Overdose makes medicine a poison. In death metal there are certain elements which makes it death metal, such as hate, aggression and violence. So I didn't want to leave them out. You may even say this is the art made of hate, since in process of creation I pumpped out the deepest hell of my subconcious mind and all of its corrosive adicidy content. It is a fuel for this kind of music. There are also certain nuances in because I wanted that end result represents my vision, and nobody elses.

    Wu-Wei, doing without forcing were basic principle of creativity while making this opus. I'm very satisfied to the end result. To be creative, you must work secretly from yourself, otherwise vital flows are blocked.

    This album can be described as industrial death metal, without being  industrial. So the main instrument I used was Home Studio itself. It allowed me to work without blocking compromises with other people or anything like that what would stand on a way of my vision. So, end result is systematic and chaotic, and you may call me Trent Reznor of death metal (or Tom Waits – either way, I'm rather called Charlie Deathtime #1 than anyone else #2, thank you). And like death metal have evolved from hardcore-punk, even I'm not into punk music, I still wanted to give little tribute to that fact, so you may hear some punkish attitude and raw power here (especially song Barbed Wire Romance, which is full of tributes and hidden messages - also short durations are because of this) So when I started Operation Death Metal Hero Sessions I listened to early Misfits material, and Crowbar as well, with me it's not the music style but atmosphere and attitude that gives the right inspiration. End result here is feeling of heavy metal falling down from sky (Sammy Hagar). For example when recordings where still going on, and the first single was work in progress I almost got into bar fight when I said I was going to use slide-guitar in death metal song. Puritan wankers surrounds the ones with creative mind, but there are so few bullets. (If you think that theory of music is more than practical tool you are a high functioning retard)

    Because album has its own hidden theme, I decide to write a small synopsis. If you dont want to lose your own interpretation then don't read it, but if you are curious to find out what is going on then go ahead. Before we go there, I have still have a few words to share.

    Like it was said earlier, impression and vibe you may get from this highly aggressive and furious album is that it is plain nihilistic and brutal. This is not entirely the case. It's about bigger picture where this elements are combine (to kill and maim, te-hee). In western world the fruits of existentialistic vacuum have been matured, and turned into blood red wine of hopeless wrath. Many passive and active participants have gotten their share of this. So, this is the story of one these cases which explodes and finds out that “I still haven't found my place/ I don't feel anything”. Especially in Finland there was killing spree in public schools a few years ago, this grim fashion is follows society where everyone are set to war againts each other and values are optional as long as you behave and obey the machine that aims to maxime the profit. And in my more or less humble opinion, this bleeding heart liberal criminal and punisment program is failing really badly (while writing this some guy who recently got out of jail, even he was suppose to do life time for killings, executed couple strangers at the family restaurant's drive-in because they had an argument!) This is not a tribute to such phemonon, this is art, study and documentary. 

    PS. Thanks for great feedback Deathtime fans world wide! We rock better than most people fuck!
    PPS. And get some Deathtime blood, sweat and gears (&al.) here


    Every single song stands on its own, undependant from its neighbour. Each have its own story to tell. But together they form, through their particular order, album's theme.

    1. ...Of Evil Forebodings
      From his point starts accelaration into the state where head character has his back agains the wall, while he is having enough from stream of constant negations. Evil forebodings that are contant and relentless.
    2. Hate Supreme.
      This progressive death metal opus contains 3 parts and it is a development story which begins when main character is stuffed with burning distress, suffocating rage and anxiety. It all causes well controlled, yet primitive reaction of hate supreme. Musically song's C-part is “live” stadium rock song that begins with bass solo. As story goes on, this part points at his grandiose gore lust. Lyrics mean many things, hate..kill. Part B is jazzy, rhytmic part which was born by an accident, which is nice. Final words from first volume of this opus was to show needy and desparete sublimation of something that have taken over.
    3. Barbed Wire Romance.
       The second single. B-side had finnish vocals, and had it crypted recipie to drink called Clock Work Orange (which didn't work by the way) written to track file's comment. Musically I meant to show how hardcore punk evolved into death metal. Otherwise "our (anti-)hero" have decided to solve his romantic issues via brand new way. Year 94 is a reference to the year when Cannibal Corpse released  The Bleeding album, which included the song called Stripped, Raped and Strangled, which amused me a lot when I heard a back in a day. You may say that the head characted have taken some influence from it as well.
    4. Broken Glass
      This is introduction to Deathtime's developed brand new musical style called death ambient. Those with a good pair of ears may hear same elements that Intro had, and strange humming noise that influences brains waves in relaxing way, when other components works quite contratry. At this point of the story our hero is deep in his shattered mind, where world looks like how this song sounds like.
    5. Threesome (With A Whore Sawed In Half)
      The first single, which cover is available as popular t-shirt. This single included 3 versions and this album version. Like track number 3 this is continue the line macabre erotic fantasies (classic death metal theme). Who (man) wouldn't be happy when experiencing a threesome, yet this guy does it with a woman who is sawed in two!
    6. 1 000 000
      Nine Inch Nails cover, still important part of album as whole. There have been no permanent satisfaction nor liberation, only turning into hungry ghost, like a living dead. In lyrics you can hear how he is either caught, or just asking to bring gun to his mouth and pull the trigger. This also includes allegory of our modern, competitive and value-free society. "For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and ruins or forfeits (loses) himself?"
    7. Deathtime
      Propably one of the strangest title song for an band as well to album. But Deathtime is not about consensus of any kind, instead it goes its own way. Style of this song is deatht ambient which ends the story into mystical spheres. Is the main character jumped off the roof or is he shot, or is he still alive? Like it is said earlier this song stands on its own but still works as part of albums theme. Sounds and voices were recorded from Tampere's railway station, Keskustori, “Kulma-Ale” and Bluesbar. It also features finnish celebrity, an actress Outi Mäenpää, sound of her walking was included to this recording. She walked by me at the empty hallway and watched what I hold in my hand. I told to my friend later how I included her to this song, and he guessed that if she is singing or speaking, but I did not told that it was something even better. (No offence!) And Bible verses were taken from Amplified Bible since it is one of the sharpest translations out there, instead of overly mystified and translated to fit into certain subject. And to understand more text of this song, these links may be interesting to you.


    Eli heti ensiksi, tässä olisi itse albumin latauslinkki:

    Voisi näyttää että tämä albumi on vain ja ainoastaan vihaa, katkeruutta, misogyniaa, mielipuolisuutta ja kostoa. No, siinä missä nuo kuvaukset voivat hyvinkin pitää kutinsa, sillä albumin piti olla ja tulla olemaan aggressiivinen ja brutaali jokaiselta aspektilta, mutta on myös muita seikkoja . Minusta viha itsessään ei ole paha asia, vaikka sinun pitääkin soveltaa siihen lääkkeen perussääntöä: Yliannostus tekee lääkkeestä myrkyn. Death metalissa on määrätyt elementit jotka tekevät siitä death metallia, ja näitä on sellaiset klassiset elementit kuten viha, aggressivisuus ja  väkivaltaisuus. Siispä en halunnut jättää niitä pois, vaan pitää ne mukana, voisi jopa  sanoa että tämä on vihasta tehtyä taidetta sillä luomisprosessissa pyrin pumppaamaan
    alitajunnan syvimmän helvetin esille ja tehdä haponlailla syövyttävästä vihasta taidetta. Se on eräänlainen polttoaine tälläisessä musiikissa. Samoin myös muut vivahteet ovat olemassa koska halusin että tämä lopputulos on jotain mikä edustaa visiotani, eikä kenenkään muun käsityksiä musiikista.

    Wu-wei, pakottamatta tekeminen oli perusmetodi tällä albumilla. Olen äärimmäisen tyytyväinen tulokseen. Joskus ollakseen luova, sinun on tehtävä työ itseltäsi salaa, koska muuten vitaalit virtaukset estyvät.

    Albumin voisi sanoa olevan industrial death metallia, ilman industrialia. Eli Home Studio on ollut pääinstrumentti tätä luodessa, ja se on vapauttanut minut rajoitteista ja estoista mitä tulee luomisprosessiin ja siihen mahdollisesti sisältyviin ylimääräisiin ihmisiin. Eli  tämän voisi sanoa olevan hallitun, jopa systemaattisen kaoottista.  Minua siis voisi kutsua death metallin Trent Reznoriksi (tai Tom Waitsiksi, mutta mieluimmin kuin olisin joku #2 olen Charlie Deathtime #1, kiitos) Niinpä aivan kuten death metal on versonut hardcore-punkista, on myöskin tietty punkasenne tätä tehdessä.  Liiallisiin monumentaalisuuksiin ei ollut tarkoituskaan mennä ja itse asiassa albumin kappaleiden lyhyet kestot ja rankat rypistykset johtuvat myös tästä - mahdollisesti tulevaisuuden Deathtimessa enää tätä ilmiötä ei tavata joten nauti siitä nyt. Musiikki jota aloitellessani Operation Death Metal Hero Session:seja kuuntelin oli pääsääntöisesti wanha kunnon Misfits ja Crowbar, ne ennen kaikkea antoivat oikean tunnelman ja sen kautta fiiliksen musiikin työstämämiseen. Joten lopputulos on kuin raskasta metallia putoaisi taivaasta (Sammy Hagar).Esimerkiksi kun ensimmäinen biisi, josta tuli myös ensimmäinen single, oli työn alla kerroin Bluesbarissa ideasta käyttää slidesooloa keskellä tälläistä musiikkia, mikä melkein syöksi meidät baaritappeluun! Niin paljon puritanistirunkkareita, niin vähän luoteja! (Jos sinusta musiikin teoria on muu kuin hyvä työkalu, olet vain hyvin toimiva jälkeenjäänyt).

    Kuten edellä sanottua, niin eräs piirre ja vaikutelma jonka varmaankin moni saa tästä kaikin puolin aggressiivisesta ja vimmatusta albumista, on että se olisi nihilistinen ja pelkästään brutaali. Tämä ei ole täysin totta, vaan synopsis paljastaa että kyseessä on suuremman kokonaisuuden teema ja jopa opetus, puhumattakaan siitä miten hyvin se istuu aikamme kuvaan. Suomessa muualla länsimaissa eksistentialistista tyhyyttä potevat arvovapaan järjestelmän hedelmät ovat tuhonneet toisia ja itseään, ja monesti passiivisia syyllisiä voi olla siinä sopassa vielä enemmän kuin varsinaisia syyllisiä toimijoita. Tämä on tarina eräästä “supersolmusta” joka räjähtää silmille ja huomaa ettei vieläkään löytänyt tietä. Ja minun enemmän tai vähemmän nöyrä mielipiteeni on että maamme itkevä sydäminen, liberaali vankeinhemmottelupolitiikka on pahasti epäonnistunut  (juuri tätä kirjoittaessa eräs tyyppi joka juuri oli päässyt vankilasta, vaikka hänen piti suorittaa elinkautista, teloitti pari tuntematonta ihmistä sanaharkan johdosta perheravintolan drive-in-kaistalle!) Tämä siis ei ole tälle ilmiölle tribuutti, vaan taide, opetus ja dokumentti.

    PS. Jotka ovat antaneet erinomaista palautetta, minä vastavuoroisesti annan teille kiitoksen kauniin. Me rokkaamme paremmin kuin useimmat panevat!

    PPS. Ja vielä virallista Deathtime-kamaa täältä


    Jokainen biisi seisoo omillaan, riippumattomana naapuristaan. Jokaisella oma tarinansa. Mutta yhdessä ne muodostavat kappalejärjestyksensä myötä albumin teeman. Niiden teemojen osasi, valotan edellä.

    1. ...Of Evil Forebodings
      Pahat aavistukset, näistä alkaa huipentuminen tilaan jossa tarinan henkilö on selkä seinää vasten ja saamassa tarpeekseen pysähtymättömästä negaatioiden virrasta, pyörimisestä paska-altaan pyörteestä, kidutuksesta jossa herää painajaisesta toiseen painajaiseen.
    2. Hate Supreme.
      Tämä progressiivinen death metal-raita on kolme osaa sisältävä kehitystarina, joka alkaa siitä kun päähenkilölle patoutunut polttava, tukahdutettu raivosta ja ahdistuksesta koostunut stressi ei löydä enää tilaa. Se saa aikaan tarkasti hallitun mutta lähes primitiivisen reaktion. Musikaalisesti biisin C-osa on “live” stadion-rock joka alkaa bassosoololla. Tarinan myötä kyseinen osio taas osoittaa päähenkilön grandiositeetista hurmehurmosta. Lyriikat puolestaan ovat monimerkitykselliset..viha, tappaa. Tämän B-osan oikea rytmillinen, jazzmainen ajoitus oli huomattavan hankala homma, ja syntyi alunperin ensimmäisellä onnekkaalla yrittämällä. 
      Viimeiset sanat tämän opuksen, ensimmäisessä osassa merkitsevät tarvitsevaisusta ja epätoivoista sublimaatiota jostain joka oli jo ottanut vallan.
    3. Barbed Wire Romance.
      Toinen single albumilta, B-puolena suomen kielinen versio johon oli piilotettu myöskin Clock Work Orange-juoman ohjeet. Musikaalisesti tarkoituksena oli sen fuusioitumisreaktion kuvaus kun hardcorepunkista muuttui death metallia. Muutoin tarinan suhteen tarinan (anti-)sankari on päättänyt ratkaista myös romanttiset ongelmansa täysin uudella tavalla. Muutoin tarinaan on piilotettu myöskin salaperäinen vuosiluku joka viittaa siis Cannibal Corpsen vuonna 94-ilmestyneeseen levyyn The Bleeding, jolla on biisi Stripped, Raped and Strangled, joka aikoinaan ihastutti kovasti allekirjoittanutta. Voisi sanoa, että kappaleen henkilö ehkä on tässä tapauksessa ottanut vaikutuksia myös tästä, joskin omalla makaaberilla tavallaan.
    4. Broken Glass
      Tässä esitellään Deathimen kehittämää uuttaa tyylisuuntaa joka on death ambient. Tarkkakorvaiset voi kuulla samoja elementtejä mitä oli aloitusraidalla, ja lisäksi huminan joka vaikuttaa aivoaaltoihin rentouttavasti, samalla kun muut komponentit täysin vastakohtaisesti. Tässä osaa tarinaa sankarimme pyörii jo hyvin syvällä särkyneen mielensä syövereissä, jossa maailmankuva näyttää samalta miltä tämä biisi kuulostaa.
    5. Threesome (With A Whore Sawed In Half)
      Ensimmäinen single, jonka suositusta kansikuvasta on saatavilla myöskin suosittu paita. Single sisälsi myös eri versiota (3 kpl) kappaleesta, albumiversion lisäksi. Kuten 3. raita, niin myöskin tämä jatkaa makaaberien eroottisten ilottelujen parissa. Kukapa mies ei olisi iloinen kokiessaan kolmenkimppaa, vaan tämä mies kokee sen kahteen osaan sahatun yleisen naisen kanssa.
    6. 1 000 000
      Nine Inch Nails cover, mutta silti osana kokonaisuutta. Tyydytystä tai vapautusta ei olla koettu, vaan tuloksena on elävältä kuoleminen nälkäiseksi haamuksi. Tunteettoman viileä vokalisointi vahvistaa tätä efektiä. Sanoitukset joissa vieraantunut henkilö kokee olevansa miljoonan vuoden päässä ja kehottaa tuomaan aseen suuhunsa, ja painamaan liipasinta selittää loput. Ja jos tarkkoja ollaan, niin tässä on myöskin erinomainen allegoria modernista, arvovapaasta kilpailuyhteiskunnasta; "Sillä mitä se hyödyttää ihmistä, vaikka hän voittaisi omaksensa koko maailman, mutta saisi vahingon sielullensa?"
    7. Deathtime
      Luultavasti omituisin nimikkobiisi niin bändille kuin albumillekin. Mutta Deathtime ei ole konsensusbändi, vaan oman tiensä kulkija. Tyylilajina death ambient joka päättää koko tarinan mystisiin sfääreihin. Onko päähenkilö hypännyt katolta, onko hänet ammuttu, elääkö hän? Kuten edellä sanottu, on tietysti tämäkin biisi oma kokonaisuutensa, mutta myöskin albumin teeman osa. Äänet äänitin viikon sisällä itse ja paikoina oli mm. Tampereen rautatieasema, keskustori, “kulma-Ale” ja Bluesbar. Mukana myöskin Outi Mäenpää, kenkien kopinasta hänet kuulee. Hän tuli minua vastaan tyhjällä käytävällä ja katsoi mikä minulla on kädessä. Kerroin kaverille että kyseinen näyttelijätär on mukana tällä biisillä, ja hän arvaili onko nainen laulussa vaiko puheessa, en kertonut että vielä parempaa: kenkien kopinassa (no en mä tota millään pahalla). Raamatun jakeet joita käytin puolestaan oli Amplified Bible:sta, siksi että se on asiallinen ja suhteellisen tarkka käännös, siinä missä valtavirran Raamatun käännökset on mystifioitu ja aihekäännetty, mikä on huono suunta, josta pois halusin näyttää esimerkkiä. Muutoin erinomaisia viitteitä tämän biisin lausumattomien sanojen ymmärtämiseen on näiden linkkien takana:

    lauantai 23. huhtikuuta 2011

    Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition)

    Warning: This 2EP contains disturbing material

    Lataa Nyt Ilmaiseksi (klikkaa nimeä alhaalta, sitten "Click here to start download":)
    Download Now For Free (click the name below, and then "Click here to start download":)

    Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition)

    Introduction and Linernotes

    Like the original plan was, this version, the Nightmare Edition of the Obliteration EP
    is in a digital, double EP format.

    Why does this re-release occur then?

    Because it is Deathtime's 1. year anniversary and we want to celebrate it with our fans around the world!

    So this re-release of Deathtime's most popular release (about 50% of  all downloaded material!)
    which will celebrate this anniversary, as well it is nice add for the launch of this official Deathtime site too.

    Hope you enjoy them both!

    Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition)

    Here's the track list:

    Side Δ

    1. Tempus Fugit (Intro) [Previously Unreleased]
    2. Obliteration
    3. Death Ambient (Outro)


    1. You Got The Guts (Flowing Out)
    2. Freight Train Fire Blues
    3. Summer Pain [Premasted version]
    4. Hate Supremacy [New Song] 

    In this edition, there are some extra material and of course the original content (+ the cover booklet is also enchanted, with a loads of cool stuff, such as new pictures and extra pages!).

    So if you are new to Deathtime, this could be your choice, and of course you should have this if are familiar to the band - you don't want to miss those new and unreleased songs/versions!

    About the content and a few words about the songs.

    Tempus Fugit (Intro)

    Originally left-out, unreleased orchestral intro for the Obliteration EP. This was recorded in the Obliteration sessions, and it was first intended to be integrated in the Obliteration song itself, then as a stand alone track and so forth...But it was left out because Charlie thought it would be too hifi, and it would had broken the raw lofi (dis)harmony back then..

    (Actually the whole "ALT + 30" side of this 2EP is a single song, in three parts, and this unreleased intro is its stand alone component)

    Summer Pain [(P)Remastered]

    Premastered version of Summer Pain – which is now in higher and brighter sound quality - actually it is just the original version (Charlie thought that he over mixed and therefore ruined the song, so he wanted to release this “premastered version”, also known as “Radio Home Studio mix” that doesn't sound so “flat”).Radio Home Studio played this one for few months as "the power play summer song of the Radio Home Studio". At the same time it was presented as a streaming file in Xeimian Chronicles blog, where it got hundreds of listening times.

    Hate Supremacy

    A whole new song made in 2011.

    An old school Deathtime song, which was originally intended for the forthcoming full length album (there is a demo version too, but this one is made exclusively for this anniversary release; this version isn't as raw and primitive as the demo version).

    This version is mixed as raw and heavy like the infamous Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover Stagger Lee, which earned some very nice attention and thanks from its heavy, raw and experimental mix which allowed Deathtime's new guitar sound to be heard better than ever.(Get Covered In Blood, where Stagger Lee is included, by clicking this text)

    As an interestng notion, this song had a lot different lyrics, they were about ruling captured woman in a violent fashion, “under the iron fist”. New lyrics are inspired by PJ Harvey's latest album (and Type O Negative), as well the Blood and Fire theme  and the medieval torture method "hanged drawn and quartered" - which are the first lyrics growled when this song begins) This is actually part of the hate series, as the first was Hate Supreme.

    New Deathtime Gear Available - Nightmare/ Anniversary Editions!

    Use this coupon code for free delivery in EU (50 € and over purchases) / Käytä tätä kuponkikoodia ilmaiseen toimitukseen EU-alueella - 50€ ja enemmän maksavissa ostoksissa :  FREESHIPEU

    lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2011

    "April is the Cruellest Month..."

    Summer and the flowers are coming...?

    When you thought that winter was over..

    Deathtime casts the coldest spell in the spring

    Deathtime celebrates its 1. year anniversary, with this forthcoming reissue of  the breakthrough release Obliteration EP!

    This Nightmare Edition 2EP contains everything from unreleased (new and remastered) songs to the enhanced coverbooklet!

    Check it out on 23rd day of april - exclusively on this site!

    While waiting, why don't you download Deahtime's material released so far (including the original Obliteration EP)?

    It is FREE!

    Deathtime: Deathtime [2010]
    Deathtime: Obliteration EP [2010]
    Deathtime: Covered In Blood [2011]

    lauantai 9. huhtikuuta 2011

    Covered In Blood

    Lataa Nyt Ilmaiseksi (klikkaa nimeä alhaalta, sitten "Click here to start download":)
    Download Now For Free (click name below, and then "Click here to start download":)

    Covered In Blood

    Liner Notes

    "Hippies can't stand death metal"
    - Eric Cartman

    Tracks 1 and 6 are "hifi" and are originally recorded in the Operation Death Metal Hero Sessions. And tracks 2-5 are "lofi" and recorded in the Operation Obliteration Sessions, which later formed the spin off sessions, aka. the Covered In Blood Sessions (or "Fruits of Charlie's Procrastination”)

    So if production was experimental, so were the music (besides it was plain reckless!). These are Deathtime versions in general, not 1:1 copies of the original song (if you are looking for those, go and watchthe Idols or shit like that). Yet song like Stagger Lee were even more experimental even on Deathtime's scale (more about that later on).

    Covered In Blood is not as much a “cover album”, as it is a cover compilation. Since there are songs from two different sessions, which may differ in styles, even more in general production. I'm pretty sure you can hear it. Otherwise all songs that are covered here, fits well in, since they got pretty bloody, sinister and deprived themes.

    Reason I did some experimental lofi stuff can be read here: (finnish only) and shortly in english I just say that I've been always little curious about it, and even I'm not any how involved into black metal scene it was a genre of extreme metal which used it (logically). More info here:

    Lo-fi techniques are espoused by some genres outside the indie rock world, particularly by black metal artists, where the very low-quality of the recording has become a desirable quality, said by fans to convey a rawness and depth of feeling otherwise unattainable. Some fans deliberately seek out extremely lo-fi concert bootlegs, such as the Dawn of the Black Hearts, which are of very low quality.

    The black metal genre embraced the lo-fi idea during the late 1980s and early 1990s as it strived to distance itself from pop music. Most bands recorded their albums on extremely low budgets, using four-track recorders and any other equipment they could use. The greatest example is the Darkthrone album Transilvanian Hunger, though almost all of their albums have an intentionally "lo-fi" sound quality. The band started as a clean , well produced technical death metal band before evolving their style and almost singlehandedly producing the low quality production style that would become common place in the black metal scene. Varg Vikernes of Black Metal band Burzum was also known to purposely use extremely lo-fi recording techniques on his albums. On the album Filosofem, Varg was said to have intentionally asked a local store for the cheapest microphone they had, and they sold him a headset, which he used to record vocals on the album. For guitar he was said to have used a distortion pedal to drive a stereo receiver, which made the extremely fuzzy, buzzing guitar tone found on the album. The term "raw" is generally preferred to "lo-fi" in black metal circles.

    1. 1 000 000

    Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor) is one of  most inspirational bands for Deathtime.. So these two songs (this, and LITS) that originally appeared on Deathtime's self titled debut (LITS on DELUXE version) are natural choices for this compilation.

    This blasting version from already fast and heavy NIN song were made for the first Deathtime's album. It suited well for its style, and now it opens this opus with a blazing rage, that brings you sort of anti-heroism like it was going out of style.

    2. Matti

    Blackest of black humour, a song about man called Matti who lives in a (small) hut, has a cancer and blood in his shit (this is how Deathtime interprets an “epic metal”). This and Stagger Lee were legendary songs that I introduced to my friends back in a day, who all liked them both (sickos). So did I, and since both fit rather fine into this project because of the're both so sinister and deprived. Deathtime's new staff member, Elsubeth Bathory said that this was an excellent version (and her favourite band is CMX!).[Other Deathtime Crew member, J, said he liked this entire work as a whole and cheered: "Way to go" - you can see their work included in the Covered In Blood cover booklet!]

    3. Stagger Lee

    This one was certainly the most experimental song in this compilation.

    Charlie weren't sure (especially about this version) if he should include this in at all, but what the hell, Deathtime is a brutal underground death metal band, so it will deliver bizarre stuff too. This song is the first doom metal song for Deathtime, but also an avantagarde metal song as well. Mixing of this song is very heavy, loud and almost fuzzy, so if you have small speakers it will sound pretty rough (they will explode, they wont make it, it is a bulldozer raping a water melon I tells ya!), yet if you have bigger ones with some good bass (and equalizators like "loudness" or "rock) it'll be at its finest. Funny how this track unites hifi-industry and lofi production, talking about irony!

    4. I Wanna Be Your Dog

    Iggy Pop And The Stooges played it as a proto-punk-song, then from that evolved punk, and from that hardcore, and from that death metal so this is like a full circle! And yes Watson, Deathtime did it. Thank you very much! And for the record, this was The First cover song made in the Obliteration Sessions, and it was intended for the Obliteration EP – just before things got blown out of proportion.

    5. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?

    When Deathtime got started, about a year ago (soon), one very inspirational band was The Misfits, and especially their first album. Its production and raw pioneering music gave a nice inspirational atmosphere to do music. So in the middle of Obliteration sessions Charlie bought tickets to the Misfits gig and was thinking: Why haven't I ever even thought of covering their music?! This song is excellent for Deathtime to cover – name, music, lyrics, etc! This cover propably has the most fastest growling vocals ever heard - and they were taken in on one take! And why not, this version is very, very angry, going in for the kill!

    6. Lights In the Sky

    So if the NIN song started this compilation with a bang, so doest it end it too in gentle darkness. This is pretty different from the rest. This uses recitation (or recitative chanting) as vocals, not growling nor singing (recitation is used in the mid-part of Stagger Lee as well, yet in more theatrical and avantgardish way). That vocal style is a remnant from Charlies return to music. He did a spoken word piece for Margin Of Safety's Best Possible Weather album – find it here And also his other musical projects were more artistic, recitation 'n' ambient, non- / post-rock kind of projects (he actually recorded one of his poems Mantis in finnish, with Raimo aka. DJ Gutter who is working with audios for future Deathtime projects). Before that he used to play different instruments with bands or individual musicians about ten years earlier (guitar, keys and bass – that in the Doors cover band!). So you'll hear both influences in Covered In Blood. This track also has lots of  Operation Death Metal Hero Sessions signature effects like binaural tones and sitra drones (like herr Huuhtadorfen said, it had an euphoric sounds entwined with that good ol' extreme brutality), which haven't been used in later Deathtime releases.

    Oh, and I almost forgot...

    Official Deathtime Fan Gear/ Viralliset Deathtimen Fanituotteet.

    [This text was originally released in Xeimian Chronicles blog's Valentine's day treat. The blog which was the original Deathtime data source, until this page was launched - I'll be propably bringing some other Deathtime feeds here later!]